The Igbo Nation is now a global community. This is because Ndigbo are found almost in all continents of the world. The need to establish a proactive body that has the capacity to go round and identify the global growth level, astounding achievements of Ndigbo, and their collective challenges in all major countries of the world has become imperative.

To realize the above objective, there is Paramount necessity to properly evaluate the internal hiccups of Ndigbo in the Nigerian Political space. Yes, the need to fish out the core internal problems militating against the progress of Ndigbo is presently expedient.

The circumlocution and incomprehensive obstacles to Igbo social and economic development in the midst of humongous possibilities for aggregate socioeconomic advancement have called for the following questions:

•What is it that has held back the optimum industrial growth of Aba for more than 30 years now?

•Why are the Seaports in the East not in optimal capacity utilisation?

With the provision of Rural Electrification projects conspicuous in the Nigerian constitution, what has stopped Ndigbo from making electricity supply steady in Igbo Land for rapid economic development and sustainability?

•Why is there no machanized farming for agrobased businesses for manufacturing, commercial and exportation of home processed products?

•Why can’t all the roads in South East be linked and built for easy and comfortable movement of persons and goods?

•Is there any law that forbids Ndigbo from making international arrangement for the construction of metro Rail system Linking all communities in the South East, and allowing the rail building companies to recoup their investment in stipulated terms agreed for some years?

•If the north can mine resources in their zone, what stops Ndigbo from mining the coal resources in Enugu and the abundant Gas resources in the South East?

•Why are our people becoming baggers overnight?

•Why can’t the political class and Reps in Igbo states be confronted on why they find it difficult to speak or work in the interest of the people they represent?

These and many more are the cardinal objectives of Coalition of Igbo People’s Union, CIPU.
To attend to some of these critical issues raised, a meticulously articulated programme shall be forwarded with measures of immediate action plans attached.

Our package shall include a seamlessly vibrant online publications and information platform for daily news, arising from all nooks and crannies of Igbo Communities all over the world.

Amb. Azunna Akpelu,
Global Leader, CIPU.

Comrade Val Igwebuike,
Head: Media and Publicity, CIPU.