Organic Jubilation erupted in UMUAGWO community as the executive governor of Imo State, distinguished Senator Hope Odidika Uzodinma through his SSG , Hon. Cosmas IWU announced the immediate sack of Prof. Patrick Egbule from being the VC of university of agriculture and environmental sciences (UAES) and appoints Prof. Christopher Chiedozie Eze as the Acting Vice Chancellor of Imo State University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Umuagwo to take immediate charge of the institution.

The UMUAGWO community went agog on hearing the announcement of the sack of prof patrick egbule whom they described as a man full of himself with poor leadership quality and community relations. They said that the selfish patrick hated the UMUAGWO community with passion and wondered how such a person would run such an institution without carrying the community along.

The Igbo Thunderbolt investigative team news went into UMUAGWO community and discovered that so many people including the elders, fathers, Boys and girls gathered at different places in the community jubilating and thanking gov. Uzodinma for sacking a man whom they described as devil’s incarnate, a wolf in sheep clothing, a one man show kind of a vice chancellor, a greedy and sadist fellow who was running the university as a personal estate. On further enquiries, we discovered that the said prof egbule refused blatantly to obey and follow the mandate establishing the institution and also the executive governor’s directive that in terms of employment, the community should be given their due share from senior management cadre to junior cadre saying that those who are qualified should be given the opportunity to serve in the institution but prof egbule ignored this, rather used any employment opportunity to patronize his relations, cronies and friends. On this, the UMUAGWO community visited him on some occasions to consider their people for employment but he jettisoned them but traded with lies that the governor does not approve of any employment yet but went ahead and continued employing his cronies through the back doors. They said that it took him almost one year plus to pay a simple courtesy visit to the Traditional ruler of the community and even when he finally came, he showed high level of arrogance in identifying with his host community during questions and answers session to the extent that a community leader asked him if the way he is running the institution by literally employing both senior and junior staff without at least asking his host community to send in some qualified members for employment considerations can be tolerated by his own community in a situation the reverse is the case but rather than rendering apology, he told the community representatives that nobody can tell him how to run an institution where he is the chief executive and also said that even the governor can’t direct him on what to do in the institution this prompted some community boys to almost lynched him but their peace loving traditional ruler calmed and brought the situation under control. In fact, they said so many unpleasant and unprintable things about him which we cannot exhaust here. A community leader named OLIVER even told us that the governor should set up an investigation panel to probe his activities in the institution emphasizing that by the time they finish, he is very sure that the discoveries and corruptions perpetrated under him in terms of employment, contract awarded to cronies, selfish style of leadership etc within the period he held sway will shock his Governor, Imo people and  the world.

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Our team didn’t stop at that,  but went further into the university community and found out that the staff members were also happy for his removal. A staff who pledged anonymity because of being victimized by his boys in the institution said that they are all thankful to the executive governor of Imo state for the timely removal of the VC because his high handedness in running the institution as a personal enterprise is the worst he has ever witnessed in his working career. He said prof egbule can never allow any idea that did not emanate from him or his cabals in the institution to see the limelight and this weakened the morales of some management staff to present any initiative that will bring progress to the school. When we asked the staff if he is away that the UMUAGWO community people were jubilating over the removal of the school’s VC, he said yes he heard of it and justified that their jubilation is right because even though, he is not from UMUAGWO community but testified that everybody in the institution were all murmuring on the way and manner he treats his host community. This staff confessed that UMUAGWO community people are peace loving and do not deserve the kind of treatment meted to the by the outgone VC and also advise the incoming to correct all the anomalies perpetrated by prof patrick egbule because of a truth, his own community can never tolerate what the UMUAGWO community tolerated in the hands of prof. Patrick egbule.

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The story is not different from what students are saying of the institution,  as they complained bitterly that some of their course mates left and joined other schools because the way they are running the school is not what they expected as their lecturers always complain about how the VC is not supporting them with the necessary teaching aids and that is affecting their morales negatively and they  are also not well motivated to teach. They advise the new VC to correct some the mistakes of the outgone VC and reposition the school to greater heights as they love the serene atmosphere and environment where the school is located and the surrounding communities are also peaceful.

All our effort to reach out to the Traditional ruler of community in the person of Eze Tony OGUZIE and the town union president Chief NICHOLAS AMADI proved abortive but we promise to bring in their reactions as soon we are able to converse with them.

The Igbo thunderbolt wishes the incoming VC Prof Christopher CHIEDOZIE Eze a successful tenor of office and wish he corrects some the anomalies or mistakes made by his predecessor in order to move the institution to a greater height and have his name written in gold in the institution’s history book because a better and best administration is possible.

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