Female Teacher Mistakenly Shares Nude Photos To WhatsApp Group

In the Eastern region, a private school teacher from Afram Plains has gotten herself into trouble after she accidentally uploaded her nakẽd videos to a WhatsApp group chat by mistake.

In accordance with a reliable source, the Private school teacher is from Tease in the Afram Plains South District and is known by the nickname Madam Joyce.

According to the source, Madam Joyce recorded the video for her boyfriend, who lives in the Greater Accra Region, but accidentally uploaded it to a WhatsApp group intended for teachers to use to provide virtual lessons to students.

Madam Joyce deleted the video after realizing the mess she had created, but it quickly went viral. She then left the town when she realized how quickly and widely her video was being shared, and she has not returned since that time.

Because of our community standards, we are unable to post the video on this page.

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