The Igbo National Council (INC) has lambasted the South-East Governors’ Forum over their recent joint launch of the Ebube Agu security force for the region.

A statement by INC President General Chilos Godsent frowned at the decision of the governors which, according to Godsent, amounted to sabotage and betrayal to Igbos, adding that the outfit will not be accepted in the region. Godsent argued that setting up of the outfit does not have a legal backing.

The Igbo leader warned the regional governors not to usurp INC’s vigilante group, Ijeagu (Lion walk).

‘Noting that the Governors of the South-East Zone rose from a Security Summit on Saturday 11th April 2021 to announce the establishment of the South East Regional Vigilante Security Outfit code name “Ebube Agu” meant to combat crimes in the region,’ the statement read, ‘this move has generated several reactions from the public both in Favour and against the initiative.

‘It’s surprising to note that Governors of South East Zone will rise from an intellectual exercise called Security Summit and thus announce the formation a Regional Vigilante Security Outfit. This is a huge joke,’ Godsent said.

He added: ‘It’s unacceptable for the Governor’s of the South East Zone to hold such Summit meant to be a serious affair without thorough consultation with, and inclusion of serving and retired senior military and police officers of Igbo Extraction.

‘It’s a total betrayal and sabotage of the Igbo Nation for the Governors to have invited Fulani military and Police officers into such Regional Security Summit.

‘We also note that the purported South East Vigilante Security Outfit has no legal backing as none of the State Houses of Assembly in zone has passed it into law.

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‘The purported South-East Vigilante Security Outfit announced by the Governors of the zone was nothing but the implementation Fulani/Miyetti Allah security template for South East Zone which is now being implemented by the Governors of zone.

‘We are afraid that the South East Governors are playing the scribes of the Jihadist Fulani.

‘The Ebube Agu as they call it may be the conduit for surveillance and intelligence gathering against the Self-determination groups based in South-East Zone.

‘The Igbo National Council therefore urge the Governors not to adulterate and give bad name to the already existing INC Vigilante Security Outfit code name “Operation Ije Agu”.

‘Finally, we condemn in its totality the process of formation and announcement of the South East Regional Vigilante Security Outfit code name “Ebube Agu”,’ he stated.

‘We therefore urge the Governors to widen there consultation with all the major Stakeholders in the zone especially serving and retired military and police officers of the South East extraction inclusive of all the Self-determination groups of the Igbo Nation.’

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